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William Warren

Biography by Albert L Williams

From the manuscript genealogy of Charles C Warren, s of George Washington Warren, son of Samuel Byington Warren, Jr. I derive the data and place of birth of William, and the statement that when a young child his parents moved from Woodstock to Woodbridge Ct. Also---

"William and Abigail lived a few years at Woodbridge, where their children (presumably) were born. About 1800 he moved to Canandaigua, Ontario Co. N. Y. and about 1810 settled on what was known as the Academy Tract. Abigail joined the Methodist Church in that town in 1812.

"In 1820 some thirty to forty families were settled on the tract, although there were but two frame buildings, those of Cyrel Eaton and William Warren. See Hist of Ontario Co. by Everets, Ensign and Everets, Phila. 1876."

Correspondence with officials of Ontario Co. has brought out the fact that William Warren and Silas Whitney, ‘friends’ were joined with Jemima Clark Warren, widow, in the administration of the estate of Samuel Byington Warren.

This is a very weak link, although hardly questionable. When the widow, Jemima Clark Whitney-Warren married a second time, she named her first son William Warren Barrows (257-5-e).

Another point of identification is that Samuel Byington Warren died at Canandaigua, although his home was at Genesee. Doubtless at the home of his father.

Who were the other children of William and Abigail?

When and where did they die?

Who was the Abigail Warren, living alone at Woodbridge, Ct. at the time of the 1790 census?

Where was William at that time?

If he were exploring the wilderness for a new home, where were his children? Surely they were not all grown out of the old home at that time.

Cousin Charles C. Warren related a vivid recollection of his childhood when a visit was paid his father by two of his uncles, one of whom, 'Lige', entertained him with Revolutionary tales. The point that stuck was that there were five brothers, all of whom served in the war----But this is all told in Generation 7 where it belongs.