French Civil Record Index for Select Villages in Bas-Rhin

Asswiller, Bas-Rhin Civil Records Index 1794-1862

Butten, Bas-Rhin Civil Records Index 1794-1862

Domfessel, Bas-Rhin Civil Records 1794-1869 - Updated 30 Apr 2013

Mackwiller(Mackweiler), Bas-Rhin Civil Records 1794-1862 (Updated 24 Jun 2011)

Niederstinzel,Bas-Rhin Civil Records Index 1792-1839

Ratzwiller,Bas-Rhin Civil Death Records Index 1792-1912

Waldhaldhach, Bas-Rhin Civil Birth, Death and Marriage Records 1799-1902

Click here to see the families of Waldhambach based on the above data. - New 1 April 2012